HBO’s VICE Spotlights Gene Editing

By Susan McClure

Illustration by Patrick Leger

The 4th season of VICE debuts tonight at 10:00 PM (CT) on HBO and will feature a segment called “Unnatural Selection,” which explores how gene editing and prenatal genetic diagnostics can reshape future generations. Imagine being able to cure your child’s cystic fibrosis by repairing the diseased gene that caused it in the first place. Or what if you could select your next child by prescreening it for a medical condition that has plagued your family for generations? Technology makes this possible today, but with little or no regulation, we may well be opening the proverbial Pandora’s box. Click here for a preview of tonight’s segment on HBO.

Genome’s current issue discusses gene editing in detail in a story entitled, “Brave New World: Will Gene Editing Rewrite the Future of Medicine?” And be on the lookout for our report on prenatal genetic diagnosis in Genome’s spring issue, which publishes in March. Interesting times indeed!